I have made mistakes in my life that I have regretted.  I have done things and said things that I wish I could undo or take back.  When I read the Bible I see that there are people just like me who fill the pages.  They have made mistakes, said things they should never have said, done hurtful things to others and by and large messed up their lives.  Why did God allow these sinful human beings to fill the pages of His Book?  Because God wants us to know that people throughout the ages have made mistakes, messed up their lives and fallen short of what God requires for them, but God in His love and kindness always forgives and loves His people.  And more importantly there is hope for us when we do mess up our lives.  That is encouraging to me.  When King David fell into adultery with the beautiful Bathsheba, he was mortified at what he had done.  He cried out to God and said in Psalm 51:10; “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.”  So when we have made a big mess of our lives what are we to do?

1.     Admit your mistakes:  Don’t pass the blame, be mature and admit your wrong actions and take responsibility for what you have done.  If you do not take responsibility for your actions you will never learn and grow through your mistakes.

2.     Ask God for His forgiveness:  God is gracious and loving.  In fact, the Bible says that God “Is slow to anger.”  That is true because God continually shows His patience and love to us and to this world even though we continually ‘mess up.’   The amazing thing about God is that when we ask for forgiveness He forgives us unquestioningly.  There is no person that has sunk so low that God’s gracious Hand cannot reach.  There is no hole so dark that God will not go down to bring a person out. 

3.      Live in God’s forgiveness and grace:  David asked God to give him a clean heart and renew a right spirit in him.  In other words, he wanted to change, he didn’t want to go continue living as he had done.  His sin wearied him and he wanted to live in God’s grace and His forgiveness.  Once you have acknowledged your mistakes and sought God’s forgiveness you need to live and walk in that forgiveness.  Don’t go back to your old ways, turn from and start living a new life. 

4.     Find people to support you:  Find a Christian friend who can help you and support you through some of your challenges.  We all need God, but we also need good people to help us. 


I am so thankful for the Bible.  It is an amazing book filled with stories of people just like me.  People who have failed and messed up their lives, but realized that God had a better way for them.  I am also thankful for a God who loves us as we are and who hears our hearts cry.  His ear is open to your cry today.  He is simply waiting for you to call on Him.  He loves you!  That in itself should give you courage for the day. 


I am and always will be,

Recklessly abandoned, ruthlessly committed and in relentless pursuit of Jesus,


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