Most of us know what it is to have dashed hopes and disappointments, but many of us have also experienced the devastation of shattered dreams.  It is no easy thing to pull yourself out of the despair you feel when your dreams have been crushed.  Perhaps you were in a relationship that was progressing towards marriage and it all fell apart.  Or your dream for that career move never worked out, or your marriage has fallen apart.  There are so many of us who have experienced some shattered dream during our lifetime and it is difficult to keep your head held high and to keep on living with a smile on your face. 

I want to offer a few words of advice for those whose dreams have come crashing down. 

1.     Don’t let the past define your future:  Yes, I know the disappointment of the moment looms large before you, but do not let yesterdays failures and disappointments define where you will go tomorrow.  Believe that your future will be bright and that you will come through this disappointment as a better and stronger person.

2.     Move on from your past:  Sometimes people get stuck in their past.  They don’t know how to move on from their disappointments.  I understand you have to work through your pain, but there must come a point where you make a conscious decision to move on from your past.

3.     Put your trust in God:  God cares for you and He has a future for you.  You may feel as if you will never laugh or love again, but you will.  Put your faith in God and believe that He will direct you into a bright and secure future.

4.     Live with hope in your heart:  I am not simply talking about wishful thinking.  I am talking about hope in the biblical sense.  Hebrews chapter 11 says that faith is the substance of things we hope for, the evidence of things that we cannot see.  This is a certain hope – a hope that believes that God is in control.  If your life is devoid of hope it will be empty.  Nurture hope in your heart!

5.     Don’t try to build your future with the remnants of your shattered dream:  Build a bright new future.  Start a new beginning.  Put the past behind you and move into the exciting new future that awaits you.

6.     Never give up:  Just because your dreams have fallen apart does not mean you give up on life.  Never, ever give up!  Come back at life – put your heart and soul into coming back stronger and more determined than you ever believed you could.

Take a moment  right now to reflect on your life. I am sure your shattered dream looms large, but God is infinitely greater than your disappointment.  Stop to thank God for the good things in your life and focus on them.  Now pause…hand your broken dream to God and give Him absolute control of your future.  Deliberately and consciously stop to hand over your day to Him and believe that He will direct your path.  My prayer is that you will feel His grace and peace sustain you through your disappointments and pain.


I am and always will be,

Recklessly abandoned, ruthlessly committed and in relentless pursuit of Jesus

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