We live in a fast paced world where we can access information at the touch of a button.  If I want to know anything I go to Google and instantly I have what I am looking for.  Life seems to move at a rapid rate and I feel drawn into the pressure of going at this manic pace and getting things done.  Like most people, I am impatient and want things done quickly. 

When it comes to my Christian life I sometimes get impatient.  I want my prayers answered now, I want things accomplished quickly and I just don’t want to have to wait.  Psalm 27:14 is a great reminder for me that I need to learn patience.  It says, “Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.” 

1.     God’s timing is always perfect:  God has an eternal perspective that I do not have.  He sees the end from the beginning – I do not!  So waiting for God’s perfect timing is the best thing I can do.

2.     Learning to wait is good for my soul: Those long months of waiting for God to answer my prayer have often been the greatest growth points of my life.  It is in those times of waiting and quiet reflection that my faith and my trust grow.

3.     Learning to wait strengthens my relationship with the Lord:  An athlete does a lot of preparation before they enter their event.  They eat well, train hard and prepare themselves mentally so that they will be strengthened and ready for their event.   I find when I am waiting I need to do a lot of spiritual exercise.  I don’t just sit around being slack and waiting.  I read my Bible, I pray and I wait in expectation.  All of the spiritual activity strengthens me along the way.

4.     Waiting strengthens my resolve:  As I wait patiently for the Lord, reminding myself that He is faithful and He knows what He is doing; I find my resolve is strengthened. I don’t give up because He hasn’t answered me yet; I keep persevering in prayer believing that my loving God will answer my prayer in His perfect time.

If you have been praying for something for a long time, I encourage you to keep persisting.  Wait for the Lord, he knows what He is doing.  Remember, He has an eternal perspective that we do not have.  Be strong and take heart because God has heard your prayer.  God loves you and knows you better than you know yourself.  Trust Him with your prayers and while you wait allow your heart to be strengthened and encouraged.

I am and always will be,

Recklessly abandoned, ruthlessly committed and in relentless pursuit of Jesus,

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