Shortly after we moved to the beautiful city of Brisbane, Australia, my son Jason was anxious for his grandparents to come and visit us in our new home.  He was determined to inspire them to visit his new city, and so he bought a beautiful postcard of a street lined with Jacaranda trees in full bloom.  There was a carpet of lavender petals beneath the trees, with the sun filtering through the branches giving a beautiful dappled shaded effect that was intoxicating, he felt the image would have the desired impact.  He wrote in the card and then asked me to post the card to his grandparents. 


Being an inquisitive mom I took a teeny weeny peek at what he had written.  His postcard simply said; “I am so happy here, Brisbane is a beautiful city, you really should come and see it for yourselves.”  I felt warmed in my spirit and the thought that ran through my mind was, “Jay’s soul is prospering.”  That is what a verse in the 3rd book of John says, “Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.”  So how do we ensure that our souls prosper?


1.     Live a life of discipline:  If you want your soul to prosper then live a disciplined life.  I am not talking about being regimented and inflexible; I am speaking about a well-ordered and organized life - you need to ensure that there are good patterns of discipline in your life.

2.     Live a life of praise:  Give thanks daily to the God who created you.  There is nothing better for your soul than to be thankful.  If you want your soul to prosper and do well, give thanks to your God for all His good gifts.  And don’t forget to thank others along the journey.

3.     Live a life on purpose:  Don’t be fatalistic!  Live your life with purpose and energy.  It will ignite your soul and give you passion for each day.  Get up in the morning and say: “What exciting thing can you do with my life today Lord?”  What an incredible way to start your day!

4.     Live a life of purity:  I don’t mean to sound archaic, but we do live in a world where morality is decaying.  Determine that your life will be lived well - that you will strive to honor God.  Remember, the way you live your life is being modeled to the next generation.  So live well! 

5.     Live a life of peace:  Don’t be at enmity with others.  Live at peace.  I can assure you that your soul will not prosper if you have a relationship that is stressed and under pressure.  There are times when you are not entirely responsible for the stress or tension in a relationship, but as far as it is possible you should seek to live at peace with everyone. 

6.     Live for others:  Selfish people, who only live for themselves, cannot have prosperous souls.  When you live for and care about other people somehow your soul prospers as you give of yourself.  Try it!  Do something kind for someone today.  It gets your focus off yourself and you see how blessed you really are.

7.     Live with a positive outlook:  Do you see the cup half full or half empty?  What is your perspective on life?  If you want a prosperous soul you need to see the world through God’s eyes.  I do not believe the world is falling apart.  I believe God has a future for this planet and it is a good one.  I am optimistic about the future because I know God is already there. 

And so, like John I pray that your soul will prosper.  May your day be blessed.  Take a minute to consider some of these principles and ask yourself the question: Am I doing everything I can to ensure my soul prospers? 

I am and always will be,

Recklessly abandoned, ruthlessly committed and in relentless pursuit of Jesus,


Two happy, prosperous little souls!

Two happy, prosperous little souls!