My life has been full and rich.  However, along the way I have had some challenging times and some traumatic ones too.  I have experienced the highs and lows of each season of my life.  Like most people, I have been wounded.  Oh, I am not talking about physical wounds, no; I am speaking about internal wounds.  There have been times in my journey that I have been wounded deeply and although no one can see those internal scars, believe me they are there.  

 My son had a terrible car accident many years ago.  He sustained incredible injuries and today he still bears the scars from the trauma to his body.  They are not pretty scars, but they remind him that his life was miraculously spared and that God had His Hand on him throughout the horrific ordeal.  They are a reminder that he made it through his pain and his life has a purpose.  The photo below shows his scars shortly after he got out of hospital - although they may appear ugly to you, they are beautiful to me because they speak of God's mercy and grace in my son's life.  He is alive! 

If you have been deeply wounded allow the scars to remind you of a few important facts.

1.     If there is a scar then it reveals that the wound has healed:  Let that scar remind you that you have been healed – your wound has closed and left you a reminder that the pain is over.  There is no infection, no bitterness, the wound is healed.  You are free!  Never be tempted to scratch the wound and open it up again – move on from that time and let the scar remind you that you are whole.

2.     If there is a scar you survived the pain:  As you reflect on the pain and the hurt you can remind yourself that you are victorious.  You survived.  You made it!  You are stronger now because of what you endured.

3.     It there is a scar there is a story:  When you look at your scar, or reflect on that season of pain and suffering you see the fingerprints of God on your life.  At the time you may not have been aware of God’s grace or His presence, but as you look back you see God’s fingerprints all over the page of your pain.  He was there with you.  You have a story to tell and your story could help other people in pain.

It is comforting to know that none of our experiences are wasted.  Our scars are often pathways to helping other people in need.  We could never empathize with people if we had never known pain.  Because we have experienced pain, hurt, broken relationships and heartaches we can walk alongside those in a similar position. 

Your scars actually reflect the beauty of a life that has been healed by the gracious Hand of God. And remember Jesus was wounded for us - He has scars that reveal His love for us.  His scars have touched countless lives all over the world.  Allow your scars to speak healing to the hurting.  Don’t let your suffering be in vain.  Reach out to someone hurting and sad.  Let the beauty of your life be a balm to their wound.

I am and always will be,

Recklessly abandoned, ruthlessly committed and in relentless pursuit of Jesus,


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