Has anyone ever told you that to fear is sinful?  Well, it all depends!  In my view, fear is a natural human response to dangerous situations.  Imagine if we did not fear - we would probably harm ourselves and do ridiculously dangerous feats.  If there is a fire in a building then fear causes me to respond by running from it.  If someone pointed a gun at me then fear would make me  do, negotiate with the person, anything to avoid being shot.  So then, fear can be a normal human response.  But fear can also be debilitating which can lead to sin.  We are commanded over and over again in the Bible to, 'Fear not.'  In fact, there is no other command given more times than this particular one.  I think God knew our natural inclination to fear and so he encourages us in His Word to put our trust in Him.  So what should we do in situations when our fear is out of control or totally irrational?

1.  Speak to your own soul:  You may think speaking to yourself is a clear sign of madness.  However, the Psalmist spoke to his soul many times.  Sometimes we need a good  talk to our own hearts.  Perhaps you need to evaluate your situation.  Ask yourself if your fear is irrational and imaginary.  We are all human and often have fear of things that could happen!  I have two beautiful grand children who I love with all my heart.  Sometimes I have to guard my heart and mind from fear about what could happen to them.  That is irrational and it can drain me.  I have to stop...remind my self that God loves them and He will care for them.  I need to trust them to God's care!

2.  Remind yourself that God is good:  When Joshua was leading the people of Israel into the Promised land God told him over and over, "Fear not for I am with you."  We need to remind ourselves that God has promised to be with us.  We serve a good God.  He is kind and loving and not out to harm you or to punish you.  He is your heavenly Father and He is with you.  Take comfort in that!

3.  Remember fear will rob you of enjoying life:  What good can fear do?  In the right situation it could protect and preserve your life.  But when fear is irrational or imaginary it drains you and robs you of enjoying life. And in that situation fear can become sin because we are not putting our trust in the amazing God who made us and who loves us

I encourage you to remember God is good and that He loves you and is with you.  Take your fear to Him.  Let his nail pierced hands touch you and release you from all your fear.  May He open your eyes to His greatness and may you live with His peace and His grace.

I am and always will be,

Recklessly abandoned, ruthlessly committed and in relentless pursuit of Jesus,


Lift your eyes to the hills 'from whence comes your help.'

Lift your eyes to the hills 'from whence comes your help.'