We live in an instant world where we can have most things we want at the touch of a button.  At the tap of my computer I can access almost any kind of information I am looking for.  If I have a question or a problem I can send an email and have an answer within seconds.  We can at times think that our prayers deserve the same swift response. 


I have sometimes felt as if God is distant and that He is not hearing my prayer.  I know this is not true because I read my Bible and I am assured that God does hear my prayers.  So why, at times, does it feel as if God is not listening to our prayers?


1.     Sometimes waiting teaches us perseverance: In Luke 11:5-13 Jesus was teaching the importance of being persistent in our prayers.   God may be using the opportunity to mature us and make us determined in our prayers. 

2.     Sometimes we are not ready to hear what God has to say:  There have been times in my life when I have not wanted to hear God’s reply.  I want Him to say ‘yes’ when the answer is ‘no.’ Our hearts must be ready and willing to hear what God has to say to us.

3.     Sometimes we are not quiet for long enough: When Elijah prayed, God’s voice was not in the fire or earthquake, but in the small whisper.  You have to be quiet for long enough to hear God’s 'still small' voice.  There are times I have not been quiet enough, or rather, quiet for long enough to hear God’s voice speaking to me.

4.     Sometimes God is teaching us simple trust:  There are times God wants to teach us to trust Him completely, even when the situation seems dire.   We are prone to try to work out our own solutions, but God wants us to put our complete trust in Him.  He is our heavenly Father and He cares about each one of our needs.  We can trust him!

5.     Sometimes there is sin in our lives:  Psalm 66:18 says that if there is sin in our hearts that God will not hear us.  We need to make sure our hearts are clean and open before God and that there is not deliberate and intentional sin in our lives.  If there is sin in your life you need to confess it and then do what is right.

Remember God is listening to your prayers even when it seems that He isn't.  And God is right there with you even when you do not feel Him or sense Him.  God is greater than what you think or feel.  Be encouraged today – God hears your prayer.  The answer will come in His perfect timing.  Maybe God is teaching you patience.  Or, perhaps you need to wait quietly for His “still, small voice.”  Trust Him, He is God!  My prayers is that you will be encouraged to persevere in your prayer life and wait for His gentle whisper.  Have a blessed day!


I am and always will be,

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Recklessly abandoned, ruthlessly committed and in relentless pursuit of Jesus,