I am sure most people know what I am talking about when I say that I have experienced frustration to the point where I have wanted to pull my hair out.  When a problem is ongoing, or a difficult situation is not resolved it can lead to incredible frustration. 

My husband Paul experienced a great level of frustration with one of our old decaying buildings at Trinity Bible College, where he serves as the President. Everyday he walked up to his office that building seemed to taunt him.  It was in a state of disrepair and it embarrassed him when he showed people round our otherwise beautiful campus.  One day he decided to re-package his frustration and start praying for a solution.  A vision for a new building was born in his heart.  The vision grew over a year and a half and then he felt led to go and speak to a couple about helping to get the new building up.  He asked them if they would pray about giving a portion of the money to get this new project started.  The result of all this re-packaged frustration was a gift of $2 million to build the most wonderful new chapel, classrooms and adjoining corridors.  I started to think about how we can re-package our frustrations for a brighter future. 

·      Don’t allow your frustrations to govern you:  Sometimes we allow our frustrations to govern us and we make all our decisions out of that frustration. Decisions made out of frustration will seldom be good decisions. The wise approach is to govern your frustration to such an extent that you re-package it.  Your frustration can lead you to make some regretful decisions or you can channel that frustration to make wise, thoughtful and careful decisions.  Govern your frustrations; never allow them to govern you.

·      Don’t allow your frustrations to affect your relationships:  It is true that when we go through difficult times the people we love most are sometimes the one’s who suffer the most.  Never let your frustrations out on the people you love.  It is not worth threatening those precious relationships because things are not working out for you as you planned or desired. 

·      Don’t allow your frustration to hinder your walk with God:  This is the time you should be calling on God.  Go to Him with your desperate plea and ask him for resolve.  It may not be immediate, but He will give you the strength and fortitude to manage your frustration.

Remember if you manage your frustrations carefully and wisely they could lead you to a wonderful and bright future.  I am sure Joseph was extremely frustrated when he was in prison.  But he channeled that frustration by working and learning and doing his best to keep active.  He was so industrious that the warden put him in charge of the other prisoners.  I think Joseph channeled his frustration and if you read the story in Genesis 39-50 you will see that the end of Joseph’s frustration is promotion and a bright future. 

Your frustration could be the greatest stepping-stone if you manage it wisely.  I pray you will know His grace and peace through all your frustrations in this coming week. 

I am and always will be,

Recklessly abandoned, ruthlessly committed and in relentless pursuit of Jesus,


Aerial view of Trinity - the square building with the black roof is demolished and and new chapel will replace it!

Aerial view of Trinity - the square building with the black roof is demolished and and new chapel will replace it!