No place like home!

We have just arrived back from the UK.  It was a whirlwind trip which seems to be the way Paul and I do trips lately.  We spent a few days in California with our son and then headed on to a conference for a couple of days.  From there we flew to London and had four days of rushing from one event to another.  Paul and I preached nine times between ourselves in just two days.  We got home thoroughly exhausted and extremely happy.

Sometimes we do not appreciate routine and home.  We feel as if our lives are boring.  There are times I wish for moments of boredom and routine.  I think we were created for the routine of every day living.  Going to a conference is exciting but it is always much better to get home.  To be in your own familiar environment is always comforting and gives you that sense of warmth and security which we all need.  You may not always feel that routine is your friend but take it from someone who travels a lot—home is the sweetest place on earth! 

So here a a few tips from a seasoned traveler.

Make routine your friend:  Don't despise routine just enjoy it.  Be thankful that you wake up in the same surroundings and have your own personal space—it is a blessing.  The greater blessing is having the people you love the most around you on a daily basis.  That is the best part of routine.

Look for special moments in everyday:  There can always be those special little moments in your everyday life.  Some of my most precious memories happened in the midst of routine.  The precious moment when my grandson tapped my leg and said, "I love you!"  When my granddaughter cried and said, "I don't want you to go!"  What beautiful moments those were.  Somehow the exotic travel destinations are not memories I recall as quickly as the special moments with my family.

Never wish time away:  I am nearly sixty years old and every day I ask my husband where time has gone to.  I remember wishing my kids would walk and then go to school.  The only thing I wish now is that I hadn't wished time away because it went all too quickly.

Have a thankful heart for where you are right now:  You may be sitting at home sipping a cup of tea.  Or perhaps you are about to run off and get your kids from school.  You may be wishing for a more exotic and exciting life.  Please stop!  Be thankful for what you have.

Coming home always makes me grateful.  I know I don't have the grandest home in the world.  There are many people with a whole lot more than me.  But there are many people in the world with a whole lot less than I have.  I find comfort in sitting in the same old chair, drinking tea from the same pretty mug and going to bed on my worn mattress.  There truly is no place in all the world like home!  Be thankful for the blessing of home.  It is not just the things I have, but the people there that make it home. 

So stop—look around—see what you have and be thankful.  God made our souls to be satisfied with routine.  Don't complain about the ordinary because that is what makes life meaningful.  My prayer is that you will have a heart of gratitude for home!

I am and always will be,

recklessly abandoned, ruthlessly committed and in relentless pursuit of Jesus,