Embers of joy smoulder on the fire of trial and hardship!

I try to stay away from writing personal blogs, but once in a while there is something that I feel needs to be shared more widely so that desperate hearts can be encouraged.

Some may know that our son had a horrendous accident some thirteen years ago.  When the emergency crew got to his vehicle he had no visible signs of life and to all extents and purposes was dead.  However, a quick thinking crew got a breathing tube down his throat and began resuscitation.  Our journey was a long and dark one with 28 days in Trauma Intensive Care.  The full story of our journey is told in my book Wild Hope: A Memoir. 

After Jay's miraculous recovery he was diagnosed with Krohn's—he suffered many years with that disease.  There have also been other health challenges and many a long night.  Jay has lived in California for a number of years and honestly believed that he would not have a long life ahead of him.  However, he kept living every day to the full and enjoyed the sunshine and vibrancy of California.

As a mom I have never stopped praying for Jay.  My prayers have been fervent and heartfelt.  I have prayed sometimes through the entire night.  My heart has ached as I have journeyed with him through health challenges and spiritual battles.  Paul and I start every morning with a devotion and Jay is always brought before the throne.

Last week Jay went to visit his doctor, once again, to get the results of some extensive blood works.  His results from the doctor were: "A clean bill of health!"  Oh the joy!  The sheer delight.  After all these years of walking through the fire he is whole. 

This has been a long road to walk and at times each step has been agony.  But here are some lessons to take from my fiery trial.

1.  Never give up:  Don't ever accept defeat

2.  Never stop praying:  Your prayers are being heard and God will answer at the right time

3.  Never lose hope:  Even when the situation looks hopeless there is a God who works on our behalf.

I hope my testimony will encourage some heart today.  Jay went through the fire and so did his family.  Right now all that remains on the fire of trial is some embers of joy that will smoulder through time and eternity and raise an echo of praise to a God who hears and answers prayers.  And thanks to a God who does 'Exceeding, abundantly above all we could ask or think." 

I am and always will be,

recklessly abandoned, ruthlessly committed and in relentless pursuit of Jesus



The picture below was taken of Jason and me at his church in LA!


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