How to Kill Sin in Five steps!

There is a struggle that goes on inside all of us. The apostle Paul rightly called it the struggle between the fleshly nature and the spiritual side of our humanity.  We all battle with weaknesses and if we are Christ followers we do want to kill sin in our lives.

It sometimes feels as if it is an ongoing challenge.  And, indeed it is!  But the more we deal with our carnal (fleshly nature) the stronger our spiritual side grows.  The truth is, that the stronger our spiritual aspect of our humanity is the less prone we are to fall into sin. 

So how do we kill sin in our lives?  I think there are five steps we have to follow.

1.  Run from sin:  The bible actually encourages us to "flee temptation."  Sometimes we are prone to misjudge ourselves.  We think, "I can handle this!"  The truth is, we often cannot because we are human and prone to failure.  So when temptation comes rushing in, don't waste time thinking, "Can I handle this?"  Run for your life!  In fact, run as fast as your jolly little legs will carry you!  Get out of temptations way as quickly as you can.  Even if you think you are strong you need to run. 

2.  Choose your company carefully:  I am not suggesting that you cut off all friendships with people who are not Christ followers.  What I am saying is that you find people who can help nurture your faith.  Those are the people you should be spending time with.  I have met so many people in my lifetime, who have made a commitment to Jesus and then fallen away.  The reason so often is that they are drawn back into the company of their reckless friends and instead of pulling their friends up they get pulled back.  The bible says, "Bad company, corrupts good character."  Carefully choose the people you invest your time in and ensure they are good for your spiritual growth.

3. Go to church:  More and more people are slipping in their attendance at church meetings.  It is so sad because it is in the community of other Christ followers that you will grow and be nurtured.  Churches are not perfect places, but they are communities where we can gain strength and support from each other in difficult times.  Make sure you do not let your commitment to church slacken.  It will take a toll on your spiritual life.  Get locked into your local church.

4.  Read the bible:  Okay, I don't want to be legalistic here.  I am not suggesting you read ten chapters a day.  What I am recommending is that every day includes some reading of God's word.  The psalmist said, "Thy word have I hidden in my heart that I might not sin against you."  What wonderful advice.  Read God's word, Meditate on it, and hide it in your heart so that it keeps you from sin. 

5.  Pray:  Simple!  Talk to Jesus every day.  He is your friend—He is on your side.  He is not out to get you.  He wants to walk alongside you and journey with you.  There is no other person in the world that you can open your heart up to like Jesus.  He will listen to every word you utter.

So my friend, may this Monday be blessed.  Put into practice these simple principles and you will find that you deal a deathblow to sin.

My prayer is that you will grow in your walk with the Lord and that He will sustain you through all the challenges of life.

I am and always will be,

recklessly abandoned, ruthlessly committed and in relentlesspursuit of Jesus,