If you have never made a mistake or messed up in an area of your life, then this post is not for you.  Truth be told, everyone of us know what it is to fail at a project, mess up a relationship or throw away a wonderful opportunity.  We are all human and have feet of clay. 

What encourages me in my moments of despondency and failure is that there are people in the Bible who also faltered and fell.  Samson, David, Gideon, Jonah, Elijah and Peter to name only a few, all failed at some point in their lives.  But they did get up and try again. 

So what are some of the lessons we should learn and principles that we should put in place in our lives when we have failed?  I can think of a few and I am certain that as you sit and read this blog you will think of many more.  Let me share my few thoughts with you today.

Get up and get going again:  There is nothing more detrimental to the well being of your soul than wallowing in your failure.  Feeling discouraged is a normal emotion and one we should have when we have faltered.  However, you cannot and should not sit and wallow there.  The best thing for your soul is to get up, dust yourself off and get going again.

Have a time of reflection:  I think it is a good practice after any huge success or failure to sit and reflect on the event, relationship, project, or whatever it is that needs consideration. Reflection is good for the soul.  It is not a time for self incrimination or self praise - it is a time for quiet, honest and clear thinking.

Learn from your failure:  If we cannot learn from our mistakes then all that heart sore and failure is pointless.  Someone once said; "If you fall down ten times, pick yourself up ten time but make sure you keep falling towards your goal."  So once you have picked yourself up, sat reflecting; you need to write some goals on down and determine your plan of action for the next step of your life.

Never give up:  Please don't be that person that says, "That's it, I am never going to do this, or attempt that, or get into another relationship again."  Don't be a quitter!  Remember, God doesn't love you any less because of your failure.  God is passionately in love with you and nothing will ever change that. Be encouraged to keep on keeping on.

Put your trust in God: Don't try to do things in your own strength.  You may succeed for a time but eventually you will get tired of trying to do things in your own strength.  This is a time to put your faith in the Lord. 

So my friend, you are confronted with a choice today.  Will you allow your failure to become a stepping stone to your future OR a stumbling block?  It is your choice.  I hope you choose wisely today.

I am and always will be,

recklessly abandoned, ruthlessly committed and in relentless pursuit of Jesus,