What to do when spring is here, but winter is in your soul!

The earth is bursting with vibrant colors, trees are budding, and birds are singing their acapella songs.  What a wonderful time of the year. 


Spring is by far my favorite season.  After the cold and dreariness of winter, I find my eyes longing for splashes of color, my ears aching for the sound of wild geese, my skin itching for the warmth of the sun, and my nose twitching for the sweet fragrances of spring. 


Some of us go through different seasons in our lives, and for many their internal winter seems endless.  There is an innate desire for the springtime of their soul. 


I have been in a dry season before and so I know the feelings that are conjured up inside the cavern of my soul.  There is heaviness in my heart that causes me to drag my feet through the day.  Tears burn in my eyes and make it difficult for me to swallow.  My ears tune out every sweet melody and seem to only hear the awful thud of my chest, and my mind is filled with gloom and despair.  When I am there; I know my soul is in the depths of winter. 


It is true we cannot simply will a season of our lives away.  However, we can apply certain truths to our lives to help us through the dark patches of our soul.


1.     Remember every season has a beginning and an end:  Remind yourself of this fact.  Your darkness will pass and morning will come.

2.     Learn through your pain:  Don’t squander this trying and difficult time in your life.  Yes, it hurts!  You are experiencing deep pain, but God will give you a story of hope to share with others.

3.     Stay focused:  Keep your eyes on Jesus and He will sustain you.  In times of distress it is easy to become overwhelmed by your situation but keeping Jesus central will help clear some of the mist.

4.     Don’t give up:  Keep pushing through because you know that the invasive blackness of the night will pass and morning will break through in all its radiance.

5.     Praise God in every situation:  As difficult as it might appear, praise actually benefits your own soul.  Stop to thank God for all the good things you have in your life.


My prayer is that the winter season of your soul will pass and you will break through into the most glorious of all seasons.  Remember, you are not alone; the Lord is walking alongside you. 


I am and always will be,

Recklessly abandoned, ruthlessly committed and in relentless pursuit of Jesus,