I have been away for three weeks!  I don't know about you, but when I travel, I find it difficult to concentrate on writing blogs, or any other thing for that matter. 

Travel is not as glamorous as some people think.  Countless hours are spent sitting in airports, planes, and cars.  The airline food is not great , the service is mostly mediocre, and your whole body aches for hours after your journey.  The worst part of travel is the lack of sleep because of time change.  Truth be told, I am also getting older, or wiser, and my body just feels things more than it used to.   I am not complaining...just stating facts.

However, despite all the discomfort, I feel so privileged to be able to travel as I do.  Paul and I have the opportunity of going to new and old places, of meeting up with friends, and of speaking in countless different churches and venues. 

I hear a lot of people complaining about their age.  I have to say, I am loving this season of my life.  I am more comfortable in my skin.  I have absolutely nothing to prove, and I travel with my best friend in the world - my husband! 

Okay, my memory is not as good as it used to be.  However, as a good friend of mine reminded me, there are obvious reasons for this.  He says that I have so much information gathered in my brain now, that it takes longer to find the file I am looking for.  The only problem with me, is that my filing system is so disorganized that I never seem to find the file to retrieve the information I am seeking out. It's in there somewhere, but I just need a lot more time to find it. 

There are also the wrinkles.  I am reminded by the media on a regular basis, that I should opt for botox or plastic surgery.  There is only one insurmountable problem - I am a big baby.  I just cannot handle pain.  So I am stuck with my wrinkles, like it or not.  I am not complaining, just stating the obvious.

However, with age has come the addition of two of the most incredible human beings.  I am a grandmother!  I have a six year old granddaughter and a four year old grandson.  If that is a part of growing old, then I say, bring it on in all of its glory.  My two little ones make me feel young.  When I am with them I have energy to run around the house with my grandson on my back and chase my husband with our granddaughter on his back.  My daughter, who is a gracious and dignified woman, says that when we come to her home it is noisy and disruptive...I think she loves it!

Oh yes, and then there is the weight thing!  You eat half of what you used to eat and you are twice the size.  Okay, maybe that is a slight exaggeration, but really, I have rolls everywhere.  And the cellulite thing is the worst.  All these little dents and bumps pushing out, or is my skin just caving in?  I don't know, but they are doing so  without my permission.  The question is,  should a granny be skinny?  I think not - a granny needs to be cuddly.  So for the sake of my grandchildren I remain extremely cuddly.  It is a sacrifice, but one I am willing to make.

Oh, how I love this time of my life.  Really, I am internally happy. Don't get me wrong now - I don't want to look drab and I want to take care of myself, but I am contented in a way I have never been before. 

Growing old is a privilege.  It is one of the  blessings in life.  Don't despise this time of life, engage it and enjoy it.  Yes, you may not be as flexible or as mobile as you used to be, but you have collected experiences along the way and you are a lot wiser.  You have learned that relationships are far more important than things.  You have also found out that money does not buy you happiness.  You discover that time does go by quickly and so you learn to savor the moment.  You know that most circumstances are out of your control, so you learn to accept things that come your way.  And the list goes on!

So, if you are in this category, or this season of life, stop to thank God for the privilege of growing old.  Some people do not get that opportunity.  Grow old gracefully and don't fight it but accept it as part of the journey of life.

My prayer is that your day will be blessed and your heart will be thankful.

I am and always will be,

Recklessly abandoned, ruthlessly committed and in relentless pursuit of Jesus,


My parents and grandchildren with me and Paul.

My parents and grandchildren with me and Paul.