I love looking on the bright side of life—so when I saw a video last week with the title, "Celebrate What's Right with the World" it caught my attention immediately. 

Yes, there are a lot of sad events occurring in our world, but that does not mean that there are not a whole lot of wonderful, good, amazing, beautiful, and incredible things to celebrate.  The video with this title was presented by Dewitt Jones, a photographer for National Geographic.  As he set out to photograph the world he realized that many of his preconceived and long held perceptions had to shift as he encountered a truly beautiful world wherever he went. 

I have to admit that I love stories like Dewitt's.  I love to be around inspiring people that celebrate life.  Quite frankly, I find negative people incredibly draining.  I actually do not enjoy nor do I ever gladly choose their company.  You see, even though there is a lot of sadness and badness in our world there is still a whole lot more to celebrate.  Dewitt says, "believing is seeing" not the other way around.  When you truly believe that the world is beautiful you will find its beauty everywhere—however, you must believe it is there.

So, as we go into this week let us look for all the things in our own personal world that we can celebrate.  Yes, I know that finances are a challenge, there may be relational tensions and a host of other problems, but can you look beyond those and celebrate what's right?  

  • Celebrate the simple things in life:  You are alive today.  You could make a choice as to what you would eat for breakfast—you have running water— the sun is out and you have the opportunity to live another day.
  • Celebrate the people in your life:  They might be imperfect, but they are there with you.  You can enjoy their presence.
  • Celebrate the country you live in:  With all its problems you live in a free and wonderful society—some do not have that privilege.
  • Celebrate the beautiful world you live in:  Just look outside your window.  Beautiful?  "No," you say!  Please look past some of the stuff that hinders your view, beyond the smog, the mist, the dirt, and see the open sky, the clouds that promise rain, the sun peeking through the heavens promising to warm the earth—stop to smell the fresh earth, to feel the grass beneath your feet, to breathe deeply, to touch the hand of someone you love.  Majestic!
  • Celebrate your work: Be thankful for your employment even if it falls way below your expectations—you have work, celebrate!
  • Celebrate your dreams:  You may not have achieved all your dreams, but you can anticipate.  As Dewitt says, "If you believe, you will see." 
  • Celebrate love:  Be thankful for the people who love you and the people you can love in return.  Love is a beautiful gift and one that we can celebrate all the time.
  • Celebrate your God:  Every morning I wake up I am filled with gratitude for another day.  I am alive!  I am so thankful for the God I serve. He is good, kind, and faithful.  I don't deserve His love and yet I know it is eternal.  I can celebrate my amazing God every single day.

So, my friend, why not make this an exceptional week—a week of celebration.  I know if you choose to believe that your world is beautiful then you will become overwhelmingly aware of all the beauty surrounding you right now.  I know that if you do it will change your life, and probably those around you too.  Give it a try...it's worth it!

I am and always will be,

recklessly abandoned, ruthlessly committed and in relentless pursuit of Jesus,


My sweet little Ava celebrating life!

My sweet little Ava celebrating life!