You Should Never Undermine Your Own Pain.

Have you ever listened to a story and then thought; "Wow, and I thought I had it bad?" You suddenly felt guilty because your pain seemed trivial in the light of what you heard.

Pain is pain my friend.  No pain is trivial.  Your pain is real and you never have to feel guilty about feeling pain, even in the light of another story profoundly worse than your own.  The one thing you must not do is deny the pain you feel.  Acknowledging your humanity and your pain is an essential part of finding healing. 

We sometimes say that we need to put things into perspective.  And so when we see the pain and suffering of people in other places we are ashamed that we have been consumed with our own pain.

Let me encourage you today.

Firstly, God understands your pain.  He knows you are human and you feel emotion—and that is how He made you.  So never feel guilty about your pain.

Secondly, if you never knew pain then you have never known what it is to love.  The more deeply you love the more intense the pain.  So in that sense pain is to be celebrated.   I know we don't enjoy pain, but can you imagine not feeling any other of the emotions that cause your pain?  Can you imagine not feeling pain at the death or suffering of a loved one?  How empty our lives would be if we didn't feel pain.

Thirdly, our pain can be our greatest source of strength.  It is often out of pain that we can touch other people and minister to them when they are going through trauma.  I think of some of the painful times of ministry—as I reflect they have made me stronger.  Those times of pain drew me closer to Jesus and made me lean on Him in a whole new way. 

So my dear friend, if you are going through pain today, my prayer is that God will strengthen your heart, wrap His arms around you and hold you close.  Don't ever diminish the pain you feel.  God knows your heart, He knows your pain, and He is right there besides you.

I just felt that someone needed to hear this today.

I am and always will be,

recklessly abandoned, ruthlessly committed and in relentless pursuit of Jesus,