Every time you click onto a site on the internet you are adding your voice to the site by saying I want more of this! 

You might be deceived into thinking that it is simply something you do in private, but actually,  every touch of a button is monitored and carefully tracked.   When you click on an unwholesome site you are not just damaging your own soul, but you are feeding the strength of the site you click onto every single time. 

In other words, the sites that you click onto are determining the strength and shape of your inner being and at the same time, they are strengthening that site. If you are clicking onto unwholesome sites you are damaging your own soul and you are also damaging others.  You are feeding the site, but you are also corrupting your inner being and nourishing the unwholesome side of you.

You can see every click as an opportunity for good.  Every time you click on the internet it is a movement of your heart and of your mind in one direction or the other.  Do not think that a click is an insignificant little move that cannot do any harm.  Every one you make is either positive or negative because you are saying I want more of this!  Simply put, every time your finger touches that button it is either a move toward righteousness or a move the other direction.  That is how important every click on a site is.

 Everything we do on the internet is being tracked and monitored.  When we open our apps they can track how long they have been open for.  Whatever we click onto and how long we remain there is carefully followed. 

I am sure we are aware of all the implications that our clicks can make.  They can harm our souls, but they can also hurt marriages, families, churches—the implications stretch far and wide.

There are times you click onto a site that you thought was a perfectly good one and then it leads you to something sleazy.  That is why it is so important to become diligent about clicking onto every site.  Learn to avoid those sleazy sites and if you accidentally click onto one of them jump off as quickly as you can—don't linger there!

As Christians, we should want to add to the strength of wholesome sites, not filthy ones.  So, don't think that the touch of a button is not impactful.  It is impacting you, others and strengthening the site you went onto.

Yes, at the risk of sounding repetitive, every time you touch a button it is having an impact on the health of your inner being and shaping who you are.  How you click, what you click, and where you click is infinitely more important that you could ever imagine.  Those clicks are actually determining your destiny.  Quite a thought isn't it?

My earnest prayer today is that you will consider what I have said in this blog.  Make every effort to guard your soul against sleazy sites that corrupt you on the inside.  Every time you are alone with your device be aware that Your heavenly Father is watching you.  I pray that you will set safeguards in place to ensure that every single time you click onto a site you are being wise and nurturing your soul.

Every single click does really matter.

I am and always will be,

recklessly abandoned, ruthlessly committed and in relentless pursuit of Jesus.