Three phrases our children must learn to be successful in life!

Hello everyone,

I am back! 

Life is so full of adventure for us that I have struggled to find time to blog.  So, here I am after three weeks of ministering and being on the road.  My vertigo has finally cleared, and a good thing too because we had our first fund raising cruise for our ministry here at Trinity Bible College and Graduate School and I didn't want to be on a ship with vertigo.  It was a wonderful cruise and we have returned with new vision and a great new group of committed friends.

As I have been away I have been pondering about our society in general.  I have been so saddened by the fighting and slandering within the Republican party in this wonderful country that I am called to live and serve in.  I have to say I would never have allowed my children to behave the way some of these politicians have behaved.  I feel sad!  I have watched these men and women debating and arguing and attacking each other.  What a terrible example for the next generation.  It has challenged me immensely about how we help the next generation to become successful adults.  How do we help our children to prepare for life, relationships and their future?  I will start with three phrases I think we need to teach our children.

1.  Teach them to say: "I was wrong."  Yes, it is important to teach our kids to acknowledge their faults and flaws.  Have you noticed how our politicians in the US blame others for all their wrong doings.  They lie and they constantly play the blame game.  We need to teach our children to take responsibility for their actions.  Children need to learn to acknowledge their wrong doings.  They need to learn that they are flawed but they are loved all the same. 

2.  Teach them to say: "I am sorry."  We have arrogant politicians who will not say those three simple words.  Yes, saying you are sorry is an acknowledgement of your wrong doing, but hopefully it is also a step further in your journey of growth.  When you say sorry for a wrong doing you are also acknowledging that you will try and not make that mistake again.  Those three little words go a long way.  Our children need to learn the immense power of these words.  They can save relationships, marriages and businesses, but we have to start when they are young.

3.  Teach them to say: "I forgive you."  Those are also some of the most important words we can say.  They are cathartic.  Have you ever forgiven someone for their wrong doing?  You feel cleansed and released on the inside.  It you do not forgive you are on the pathway to becoming bitter and that is one road you do not want to walk.  Children need to learn from the youngest age to say these very important words.

As we teach our children these three important phrases we are helping them to develop in emotionally responsible ways.  We are helping them in their future relationships for the workplace, their social lives, their family lives, and their marriages. 

Our children are the hope of the world.  Let us teach them well. 

God bless each one of you as you seek to shape the next generation for a bright and happy future.

I am and always will be,

recklessly abandoned, ruthlessly committed and in relentless pursuit of Jesus,