Breaking Bad Habits!

If we are honest with ourselves, we have all struggled with a bad habit at some stage of our lives.  Sometimes the habit is so ingrained that we do it without even thinking about it—those habits can bother us but can also be aggravating to others.  

Of course, there are some habits that are good and we should constantly work at acquiring good behavior patterns in our lives.   However, today I want to speak about those destructive behavior patterns that whittle away at our self worth, relationships, and our overall well being.

Some people are obsessed with social media and are constantly on their mobile device—that can be a bad habit that impacts their relationships and steals valuable time from their family.  However, I want to speak about those habits that are destroying you, your relationships, your health, and your well being.  That can be anything from a problem with food, alcohol, drugs, sex, pornography and the list goes on.  So how do we break bad habits?

1.  Be honest with yourself:  You have to come to the place in your life where you acknowledge that this habit is destructive.  You may say: "I can control this," but can you really?  You will never break a habit if you cannot be honest about your own weakness and the powerful and destructive nature of your habit.  Look deep within yourself and ask yourself if this is how you want to live your life. 

2.  Be honest about the influencers in your life:  Is there a person or people that are encouraging this bad habit in your life?  Now don't get me wrong here!  I am not asking you to play the blame game.  But it is necessary to identify the people that are enabling your habit.  In other words, there are some people who are definitely not going to help you to break this destructive pattern in your life and you need to be honest and admit that and limit the influence of that person or people in your life.  1 Corinthians 15:33 says that bad company corrupts good character. 

3.  Be honest about your weakness:  We all like to think that we have the power within to break a bad habit.  It is true that some people by sheer will power are able to break a habit, but the battle is not easy.  I encourage you to admit your weakness and to call upon a big God who can help you to break the power of this destructive habit. 

4.  Surround yourself with good people:  Bad company corrupts good character, but good company can help to dispel some of the weaker tendencies in our lives.  If you have a problem with alcohol you do not want to be in the company of people who drink and encourage you to do the same. 

The best advice I can give is to find good people who will surround you with support and will make you accountable for your behavior. I encourage you to find a community of people who will support you.  For me, that is church.  When I am in church I am surrounded by people who are also on a journey of life and are striving to live lives that honor and please God.

5.  Don't do it alone:  I have already said this but it needs to be emphasized—you need the help of someone bigger than yourself.  God is there for you.  He does not condemn you, He reaches out to you so that you can find wholeness and healing.  Call on Him, speak to Him because He is there for you.

6.  Don't get discouraged:  You may fail and fall but that doesn't mean you give up.  Get up, dust yourself off and start again.  Today is a new day. 

Your habit took time to develop and it will take time to form a new habit.  I am not pretending that this is going to be an easy journey, but it will be a worthwhile journey.  Ask anyone who has broken a debilitating habit in their life if they would choose to go back to that destructive behaviour...the answer will be a resounding no. 

Take courage today my friend.  You are reading this blog because God wants to help you, to walk beside you, and to support you in your journey. 

My prayer is that you will find strength to acknowledge your need and to call upon God to help you to a new and better pathway that will bring you freedom. 

I am and always will be,

recklessly abandoned, ruthlessly committed and in relentless pursuit of Jesus,


P.S. Feel free to leave a comment or to ask a question.  I would love to hear from you