When All Hope Seems Lost...

I cannot believe that Easter has come and gone.  What a wonderful season it is as we celebrate our risen Lord.

As we reflect back to the first century, it appears that many of the disciples hearts were filled with doom and gloom.  Their Savior had been crucified.  The One on whom all their hopes were pinned had died a gruesome death and the world appeared colored by sin and Satan had seemingly triumphed.  You can read the story in Luke 24.  Two of the disciples were walking on the road to Emmaus and it says 'their faces [were] downcast.'   All hope seemed lost!

I can recall a time in our lives when all hope seemed lost.  Paul and I had just had a major disappointment and we were both reeling from it.  We wondered where God was in all our plans and future.  Our hearts felt hopeless.  We thought we would never understand what had happened and why God had allowed it.  In all of my adult life I had not experienced such a deep disappointment.  So, I can understand those two disciples on the Emmaus road.  All their hopes had been dashed.  Their Messiah had died on a cruel Roman gibbet and their world had been turned upside down.

I felt as if I had nowhere to turn.  I did not feel the liberty to share my disappointment with anyone and so I threw myself on God. 

When all hope seems lost remember Easter is on the way.  The disciples had not realized that Jesus had risen, as He said He would.  I was like these two disciples, I couldn't even imagine Easter as part of my future, but even as darkness enshrouded my soul, God was looking on my situation completely differently.

When all hope seems lost remember these few principles:

  • God has the Final Word:  Jesus' disciples only understood a part of the story.  I had only seen a glimpse of my story.  God was still at work in ways I could not comprehend and the end of my seemingly hopeless story was a bright and wonderful ending—too wonderful for me to even contemplate.
  • God can make Something Beautiful out of the Ashes of Life:  I looked at the ashes of the events at my feet and wondered if anything good could come from this dismal event that had colored my world hopeless.  Yet, God took those ashes and made something spectacularly magnificent.  Yes, He is the only one who can take the ashes of our lives and make something beautiful from them.
  • God is in Absolute Control of our Lives even when we don't Feel that He is:  I have learned that faith has little to do with feelings.  When I felt hopeless, God had everything in control.  My feelings do not affect the authority and power of my God.  He is God.

So as the Easter season ends, let a new hope fill your heart—let the Easter story of hope linger in your soul.  When everything seems lost, remember God is still working.  We only see a part of the picture, but God sees everything—His perspective is an eternal one!  

What those two disciples did not realize on the Emmaus road that day, was that Christ was risen and the future of our world was bright and full of hope.  Despite their feelings of gloom and despair Jesus was risen indeed.

May your heart be filled with hope—your Easter season may be around the corner.

I am and always will be,

recklessly abandoned, ruthlessly committed and in relentless pursuit of Jesus,