Beauty in Brokenness, Frailty, Pain, and Failure!

Have you ever taken the time to watch the weathered face of an old man or woman, see their hunched shoulders, and their slow gait?  The immediate thought is, "Look how old he/she is, they look frail or even pathetic."  Look closer my friend!  Behind those weathered lines and that slow limp is a life lived.  Yes, perhaps a life of challenge and heartache, but a life lived to the full.  That is a person who has weathered the storms of life and is still here to tell the story. Beautiful!

We look at the person with broken relationships, heartache, and failure.  "What a mess!" is all we can reiterate.  Yes, perhaps they have failed and fallen, but they are still going, still running the race.  Behind the mess of broken relationships is often a heart that has been softened and renewed.  Beautiful!

Look at the person scarred by a life of sin and failure.  "How destructive," is what we say.  But sometimes those people, although they carry the scars of a wounded life, pick themselves up and dust themselves off, allow Jesus to change them and there is an incredible beauty behind the pain and failure. 

We look at Hollywood stars and admire their beauty and perfection.  But, behind that appearance of beauty is often a desperate and broken life.  Looks can be deceiving my friend. 

So, today as you walk the streets, sit at your office desk, ride the bus, shop in the store, or whatever it is you are doing, may I suggest that you stop, look, and attempt to see people the way God sees them.  Our perception can be that they are ugly, messed up, desperate, and broken.  But behind of all the pain, failure, brokenness, and frailty are often lives touched by a God who makes whole.  And that for me, my friend, is beautiful!

I am and always will be,

recklessly abandoned, ruthlessly committed and in relentless pursuit of Jesus,



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