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We are now well into January 2017.  For most of us, we have found our rhythm for the year and we are getting into full gear. 

However, we cannot be certain of what the year holds for us and so we make our plans, organize our schedules and fill our calendars with the hope that things will go as planned.  I am certainly not a pessimist but I know that some of our well-ordered steps can take unexpected twists in the road that we never saw coming. 

As Christian leaders, we face challenges and situations that we have to navigate with wisdom, integrity, and courage.  There have been many times in the journey of leadership I have felt utterly disheartened.  But there is one thing I am certain of and that is a decision I can make right now and stick to it whatever comes my way. 

I must never quit

That is probably the most important leadership decision I can make and stick to in 2017. 

When I face challenges and I am tempted to quit because of the mistakes I have made or because of the mistakes of others, I remind myself of these important principles of leadership.

  • Take full responsibility for my actions:  Never play the blame game...admit my shortcomings and then move forward.
  • Be big enough to say sorry for my mistakes:  Generally when things go wrong...even when others have harmed me, I do need to look inward and see where I could do better.  Saying sorry is cathartic and good for my soul.
  • Acknowledge that God is with me:  God is still good, faithful, and kind even when people are not.  He is still with us and has a future for us even when things seem to have collapsed around us.  The important thing is to never ever give up!
  • Live with the promise that the future is bright:  I live constantly with hope for a better tomorrow.  As a leader,  I never want to lose that vision.

I love my life and my calling.  I have never been happier in the place God has me right now.  I am determined that the most important decision for this year is to ensure that I keep on keeping on and never quit.

I am and always will be,

recklessly abandoned, ruthlessly committed and in relentless pursuit of Jesus,