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God, are you listening to me?  Why aren't you answering my prayers?  Do you love me...are you mad at me?   Valid questions right?  Yes, and I am sure most of us have asked these kinds of questions at different times in our lives.  But, when we understand God in all His greatness and power then we can stop questioning Him and rest in who He is and wait for Him to answer in His way.

Crying, pleading, and at times begging God to answer my prayers had been the rhythm of much of my prayer life.  "Where are You God?" I would often quip!  Silence and darkness were at times the only reply.   I simply did not understand why my loving God was not hearing me.

Truth be told, He was listening.  His loving and attentive ear was hearing my cry to Him day in and day out even though I felt as if He wasn't.  I have learned on this journey with my God that my faith is not held captive by my feelings.

Here are a few of the other lessons I have learned through my years of prayer and intercession.

1.  Just because I feel bad doesn't mean God has abandoned me:  God is way bigger than my feelings or emotions on any particular day.  My feelings do not change God.  He hears my cry when I am feeling good or bad.

2.  God answers my prayers on His clock and not on mine:  I live in time but God lives in eternity.  I do understand that I am an eternal being living in the temporal bound by time and space... I get locked up in the day to day activity of my life instead of seeing the big picture.  God does see the big picture because He is eternal.  God knows best and He always answers in His time.  And His timing is always perfect.

3.  God doesn't always answer my prayers in the way I anticipate:  At times I give God some great suggestions as to how He can answer my prayers. He doesn't always adhere to my clever ideas.  It amazes me because I feel as if I give God some great courses of action.  I have to remind myself that God sees the end from the beginning and He knows how best and when best to answer my prayers.  I also know that God is significantly cleverer than I am!

4.  God sometimes doesn't answer my immediate prayer because He sees the whole story:  I have asked God for things along the way and those prayers have seemingly not been answered.  That confused me and troubled me.  However, from this perspective, I thank God that those requests weren't answered then, because He saw the full picture and answering those immediate prayers would have changed the entire pathway I have been on.  I didn't understand it then, but I do now!

My friend, if you are struggling with your prayer life I pray that my blog encourages you.  Don't give up!  God's answer will come in His way and His time.  I am with thanksgiving as I reflect on the faithful and loving God I serve. He always answers prayer even when it is not obvious to me. Keep praying, keep trusting, His answer will come!

I am and always will be,

recklessly abandoned, ruthlessly committed and in relentless pursuit of Jesus,


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