Sometimes when we are desperate for God's blessing we are quick to remind Him of His promises.  However, with every promise or blessing there comes a prior command.  If we do not obey God's commands how can we expect His blessing?

When I decided to become a Christian I made a decision to follow Jesus.  In fact, Jesus said that we should 'take up our cross and follow' Him.  Put simply, when I put up my hand to follow Christ I was saying yes to a particular way of life.  As I read the Gospels I discovered that being a Christian meant saying yes to God's way and no to my own.

I was enjoying a walk the other day and reveling in God's creation.  As I looked up and saw the sky through the trees and listened to the birds singing I felt real joy.   As I reflected over the years I have served Jesus, I realised that I have never needed to take drugs to give me a lift, I have never needed to drink alcohol to drown my sorrows, and I have never needed to look outside of God for any kind of thrill.  My life has been simple, but it has been rich and full.  No, I haven't been perfect.  I have messed up, failed, fallen short of God's standards...I am a sinner like everyone else.  But early on in my life, I understood that I needed God and that He was the only One who could truly satisfy my heart.  Now, forty-seven years later I know that following God's way is definitely the best and wisest way to go.

I have never been famous, never had money to do all the things I would like, but I have had peace even in the midst of the most trying circumstances.  I have known that God was with me in my most desperate hour.  I have never had to turn to any substance to find tranquility, I have leaned heavily on God.  I suppose some would call that a crutch.  I call it a choice that has enabled me to live life to the full.

Don't claim the promises of God if you are not living according to His standards.  If you don't give you cannot expect to receive.  We have to live according to God's Word and when we do His blessings flow. 

I am conscious every single day that God is good and that my life is blessed.  

Jesus satisfies my friend.  If you live for Him you will experience His blessing.

I am and always will be,

recklessly abandoned, ruthlessly committed and in relentless pursuit of Jesus,


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Keep His commands and you will know His blessing