I was sitting under a canvas tent listening to the stories of young people.  They had my attention as they spoke about Jesus and what He meant to them.  I was captivated by their sincerity and their stories of His love and grace in their lives.  It was on that humid day, under a green canopy that I decided to follow Jesus.

With the imminent approach of Easter, I have been contemplating afresh the sacrifice that Jesus made for humanity.  He came to earth, born of a woman, lived his life among people and then suffered and died for all mankind.  This has to be the most magnificent story of all times.  I know it moved my heart forty-eight years ago, and it continues to stir me to this very day.

There is a little song that says: "I have decided to follow Jesus...not turning back, not turning back".  Although a children's song it is very meaningful to me and has been through the years.  I made a commitment to Christ when I was thirteen years old.  I understood that following Jesus would involve some sacrifice on my part, but I wanted to give Jesus my very all.

Now forty-eight years later I can look back and reflect on this decision I made as a young girl.  Here is what I can say categorically.

  • Through all the trials and hardships I have never been tempted to turn back because God has been so faithful and good to me.  No, it has not been an easy journey and there has been pain, but God has never left my side and I have no intention of turning my back on Him.
  • Through all the seasons of life, He has never failed me.  Even in the good times, we can be prone to 'going it alone.'  I have failed God many times.  I know I have disappointed him, but He has loved me through every single season of life.  What an amazing God!  I echo those words again; 'no turning back, no turning back'.
  • When other people have failed me God has been there to comfort me and nurture me.  The truth is people are human like me.  I have failed people and they have failed me.  However, God has never ever let me down.  He has been with me through all the hurt and failure.  What an incredible God.

My blog post is just a simple declaration that "I have decided to follow Jesus... (48 years ago) no turning back, no turning back'. 

As Easter approaches, I am still awed at the incredible sacrifice that Jesus made for all people everywhere.  I am determined to pursue Him to the very end.

I am and always will be

recklessly abandoned, ruthlessly committed and in relentless pursuit of Jesus,


The Easter story is the most magnificent story ever told. It is still changing lives 2000 years on.
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