7 Reasons Why I Read My Bible

I have always enjoyed reading and seeing the different ways in which people string words together to tell stories.  I love words and the power that they have.  Some words are so pretty they almost dance on the page and others are so lovely you feel as if you can almost taste them.  Then there are the harsh words that can be cutting and leave a bitter taste in your mouth or drab words that need other words to give them some color—words are powerful and effective. 

Of all the books I have ever read, no book has ever touched me more deeply and profoundly than the bible.  I have been stirred by the stories of people's lives, challenged by all genre's of Christian literature, and informed by history and other books.  But no book has ever had the impact on my life that the bible has.

Here are seven reasons why I read my bible on a daily basis.

1.  The bible inspires me:  I have read the bible more times than I can remember, but I never grow tired of it.  I am always inspired by the stories in the bible.  No matter how many times I have read the story of Joseph I see something new each time I return to that story and every time I read it I am inspired to live more intentionally. 

2. The bible challenges me:  When I read the stories of the lives of Jesus and His disciples I am challenged to live a holy life.  I cannot read the bible without it confronting my commitment to Jesus. 

3. The bible convicts me:  When I am not living as I should the bible convicts me and shows me a better way to live.  That is why I am disciplined to read my bible every day.  I want God to speak to me through His word and convict me of my sin so that I can walk in step with Him. 

4. The bible encourages me:  If ever I am feeling discouraged God's word encourages my heart.  In some of the most challenging hours of my life the bible has been my deepest comfort and strength. 

5. The bible sustains me:  Reading God's word sustains me as a Christ follower.  I want to be a healthy and strong Christian and the only way to sustain my commitment to Jesus is to go to His word on a daily basis.  I find when my devotional life slips every thing begins to slide. 

6.  The bible guides me:  Yes, I find guidance for my daily life by reading the bible.  When I need direction I get on my knees and I pray.  I find God speaks to my heart through His word and he guides and directs my path.

7.  The bible strengthens me:   The more I read my bible the stronger I grow in my faith and in my commitment to Jesus.  I want to be strong in my faith so that when challenges and difficulties come I can withstand those storms. 

I know too many people who fluctuate in their devotional life.  They read the bible sporadically and go to God's word if they have a problem or they need a quick fix.  If you want to be strong in your faith you need to make reading your bible a daily habit.  Don't let your bible reading be a chore or something to get over and done with.  Read God's word so that you will be inspired, challenged, encouraged and all the other reasons I have suggested for reading your bible.

If I was ever to go to a desert island and was given the choice of taking one piece of literature with me it would be my bible.  No other book has nourished my life, challenged my heart and blessed me more than my bible.  I trust you will be inspired to read God's word on a daily basis.

I am and always will be,

recklessly abandoned, ruthlessly committed and in relentless pursuit of Jesus,