Four Ways to Challenge An Entitlement Mentality

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Living in the 21st century has some unique challenges.

Added to that I live in the United States which is one of the richest countries in the world.  Most people in the U.S.A who consider themselves poor would be deemed rich in most other parts of the globe. 

We live in in the midst of a culture and people who feel entitled.  We think because we have worked hard we deserve more, we assume that because we have sacrificed we should see particular rewards or because we have been a good person we should get... 

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So how do we combat this prevailing cultural assumption that seems to unwittingly draw us in?

I have a few suggestions that I think could be helpful.  I hope they challenge or encourage anyone who has been led to open this page and read my blog today.  I don't write blogs for the fun of it, I write because I want to convey what is in my heart for people.

  1. Check your pulse:  Okay I am not talking about counting how many times a minute your heart beats, but I am talking about looking into your heart.  You see very often an entitlement mentality comes from a selfish or self-centered attitude. I sometimes think I am deserving of certain things because of all the great deeds I have done or the things I have accomplished.   In actual truth, I have to look into this selfish heart and check the reasons why I think I am entitled to this or that.  My biggest challenge in life is to keep a watch on my heart and to ensure that it is not just all about me.  I am the only person who can look deep inside my heart and keep a check of what goes on inside of me.
  2. Focus on God:  I know that might sound a bit trite, but actually, it is the core of the issue.  Instead of focusing on what I deserve and seeing what I don't have I need to focus on God.  When I do set my gaze on this amazing God of mine I am overwhelmed at His goodness, His faithfulness, and His kindness, and I am forcefully reminded how undeserving I really am.
  3. Follow Jesus:  As a Christ-follower, I am totally and absolutely besotted with Jesus.  In those moments when my humanity expresses itself in selfish ways and demands attention or whatever else I feel entitled to, I stop and think about Jesus.  Just one glimpse of Jesus in all His sacrificial glory makes me feel very small and undeserving.  I know from this perspective in time that everything I am, and all that I have is because of my amazing Jesus.  This gives me great pause and helps me to see how much I really do have because I have Jesus.
  4. Be Content:  Instead of a mentality of entitlement, it would be wonderful if we practiced a Kingdom culture like Jesus.  Giving of ourselves. Sharing what we have. Serving others less fortunate than we are.  Caring for the poor. I realize that having everything I want when I want it, is not good for my soul.  Being deprived of certain things has made me appreciate when I do get something I really desired.  When other people have more than I have,  I tell myself that I have much more than most.  I am reminded over and over that I don't deserve anything, I am basically unworthy, but that God in His infinite love has given me way more than I ever deserved.  He gave me Jesus and He is really enough to make me content.
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I am and always will be,

Recklessly abandoned, ruthlessly committed and in relentless pursuit of Jesus,