Will it be a comma, a question mark or a period...you decide?

Life is never dull, it is full of color and texture. At times that color is vibrant and radiant, but there are times it is grey and even dark.  One moment we can be dancing with joy and the next we are facing challenges, struggles or pain that we could never have anticipated.  That is life!  We never know what is around the corner...will it be a serendipity or a challenge?  We have no idea what today holds. 

Our lives are colored by so many different experiences but we decide how to punctuate them.   Do we put a period at the end of our experience or a question mark or a comma?   The fact is we get to choose.  Viktor Frankl, the German existentialist, said that in every situation of life we get to make a choice.  Although we cannot control the circumstances of our lives we have absolute control over our responses to those circumstances.

A piece of writing without puntuation makes no sense.  Life without punctuation doesn't mean a whole lot either.  How we punctuate our lives is dependent upon us because we are the only ones who can determine where and how we choose to puntuate them.  Just as punctuation gives clairty and meaning to our words, so too does it give meaning and purpose to our lives.

Living with a question mark?  I have seen people live with questions  that sometimes have no answers.  Why did this happen?  Why me?  What did I do wrong?  And from these type of questions come the 'what ifs'.  There are some questions we may never be able to answer but why live life with a permanent question mark.  Those questions can torment us and hold us back from engaging this day.  Eventually, we have to find peace even if we don't find all the answers.   Don't let yesterday stop you living in today.  Yesterday is gone and you cannot get it back so live in this day and this moment.

Living with a period at the end of hurt?  Some people live with a period at the end of a challenge and they never move on from their pain.  'Well,' they say, 'I am never going to let that happen to me again'.  And they determine to lock out people and other experiences by putting a period after their struggle and pain.  The only time there is  a period is when our time on earth is done.  Don't let your pain determine your future.  Don't stop living because of a bad or hurtful experience.  Put the correct puntuation at the end of your hurt and move on to the next amazing opportunity life has to offer.

How about a comma?  Life is full of challenges and can be so enriching and thrilling even if at times it is painful.  Keep punctuating your life with a comma or an exclamation.  When questions come don't stop there, move on.   When hurtful and challenging experiences fill your world don't quit and give up.

Don't allow  your hurt  and pain to put a stop to your future.  Never let the unsanwerable questions hold you in their grasp.  Allow each experience of life to teach you and then move on.  Take some time out, puntuate life with a comma, take a breath, gain strength,  and then courageously move into this day and all that it holds for you.

I am and always will be,

recklessly abandoned, ruthlessly committed and in relentless pursuit of Jesus



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