This past year has been a year of many joy filled events, a number of challenges, and some heart breaking moments.

We have had some precious family moments throughout this past year. One of the highlights of 2018 was our trip to South Africa with our children and grandchildren. We all gathered at ‘Ashbrook Farm’ for a huge Alexander reunion and we reminisced about the past, laughed a lot, and ate copious amounts of wonderful South Arican delicacies. What a joy filled time it was.

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We had our 70th Celebrations at Trinity Bible College and Graduate School and thanked God for the wonderful progress, provision and growth we have seen in the past six years. So much to be thankful for!

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But we also lost some of our dearest friends and colleagues and our hearts were deeply saddened. We also lost two precious students who were in the prime of their lives. Our community mourned very deeply and indeed still feel the pain of loss as two of our godly girls went to be with Jesus.

So, I have had to stop and reflect. It is so important to do some reflecting and then to cast our thoughts and prayers into the future. So here are my desires for 2019.

  1. I want to suck the marrow out of life: I do not know what tomorrow holds. I do know that if you had asked any one of the beautiful people we lost in 2018 what their plans were for that year they would have laid out their dreams and desires for the next thirty years. Not one of them knew that they would not be here in 2019. So, I want to wake up each morning and inhale deeply and then exhale slowly. I want to gaze at the sunset and allow my heart to worship at the sight. I want to listen to the sounds of the dawn and be stirred to praise. When I drink my tea, i want to let the taste linger in my mouth. I want to be with my grandchildren and play silly games, read them stories ,and listen to their ramblings with rapt attention. I want to have long and even meaningless conversations with my kids. I want to sit with Paul and be quiet and thankful that we are together. I want to hold my parents hands and hug them long and hard and whisper thanks to Jesus that I still have them.

  2. I want to love more: I know how much I do love, but I want to love more and better. I want people to feel my love and to know that it is unconditional. I want my family to know how deeply I love each one of them.

  3. I want to know Jesus more intimately than before: Oh, I love Him, for sure. I have served Jesus for over fifty years and I love Him more now than I ever have. I do know that every single day of my life I love Him more and I need Him more. I never want that to stop. I do not want more stuff! I have enough. I do not want a better car, bigger house, nicer things, new clothes or more shoes. These are not words, they are deep longing and prayers. I want more of Jesus.

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So, that is my prayer for anyone reading my blog. May 2019 be filled with many serrendipities. I trust that your life will be blessed richly.

I am and always will be,

Recklessly abandoned, ruthlessly committed and in relentless pursuit of Jesus,


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