An excellent book on how to be missional and incarnational.  After reading much of the emergent literature over the past ten years (and being challenged by it, but at times disappointed by much) I must say this book rings a chord with me!

An inspiring, challenging and uplifting read.  As you read this book you will discover the biblical Jesus in all His beauty and majesty.  One of my favorite books!

Also another favorite!  Portrays Jesus and His teachings magnificently!

Jesus: A Theography
By Leonard Sweet, Frank Viola

A simple yet profound little book on Christian Leadership!  I absorbed every word.

If you are taking a missional journey then this is a book you must read.

If you are looking to make Jesus the center of your life then this little book will inspire you in the journey.

Sobering and challenging like all of Collins' books - especially struck by the hubris of success.

A good read for those interested in cultural shift and its impact on Christianity.

Read and re-read - the title says it all.


Mere Christianity
By C. S. Lewis